Founded in 1999, Smokey’s Waikiki is Hawaii’s One-Stop Shop for Cannabis Products

Welcome to Smokey's Waikiki

Location: 159 Kaiulani Ave. Ste, 108, Honolulu, HI, 96815 Waikiki

About Us

Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee, our cafe on University Avenue, is now officially closed as of June 2024.

Although we are sad to see it go, and we cherish the memories that the cafe has brought to us during all these years. However, our Waikiki store is still open for business. 

Although Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee Café is no longer with us, we want to invite you to our store in Waikiki.

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Our Store

Clean and Modern: Our store reflects the beauty and tranquility of Hawaii with a clean, fresh, and modern design. We maintain a tight, organized establishment to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

Trustworthy: Since 1999, Smokey’s Waikiki has been the go-to spot for cannabis enthusiasts. Our longstanding reputation speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Cannabis Focused: We focus solely on cannabis products. No food or drinks—only the best selection of cannabis items for all your smoking needs. Explore our  wide selection of items to suite your style and taste.

What we offer

Vape Devices

Vape Juices

Cart Batteries

Blunt Wraps

Rolling Papers

Glass Pipes

Gabba Leaf




Dab Rigs/Tools

Please visit our online store Kratom Hawaii

Although we had to close our cafe, Smokeys Pipe and Coffee, we recently opened an online store,
Feel free to connect with us towards alternative means of relaxation the relief of stress without medication using kratom and other related products. 


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