Welcome Back Spring Breakers

Spring break is over and students are making their way back up to campus at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. We are here for your late night study sessions with free WiFi and of course we have lots of coffee ready for those long cram sessions.

Just a short walk town the hill from UH.

Smokey's Hawaii StorefrontWe are located on University Avenue right across the street from the Curry House. (or for those of you snacking on those delicious mochi ice cream balls, we are just around the corner from Bubbies ice cream parlor)
Want some coffee to go with your ice cream? We have just what you need.

Open from 7am to Midnight
Coffee | Kava | Munchies | Smoking Accessories | Incense | and MORE

Spring break may be over, but look on the bright side; We still live in Hawaii. 

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