New E-juice In Stock

Do you even vape, bro?

We just stocked up on a bunch of premium e-liquid for your vaping pleasure. From favorites like Beard and Brewell, to new delicious offerings from Entourage and Sengoku Vapor. We are hand selecting delicious, high quality vape juice and vape kits. Whether you are quitting smoking and just getting into vaping, or looking to upgrade to a better user experience, Smokey’s has what you need to get your vape on.

Looking for tropical fruit flavors? Munchies and Snacks? Premium Tobacco flavors?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new offerings at Smokey’s

Ninja Man: a delicious chocolate milk vape with a perfect balance of milk chocolate and cream for a smooth all day vape. Available in 0/3/6nic

1 Inch Punch: A powerful watermelon slushie with a great cooling menthol for a delicious icey flavor experience. Available in 0/3/6nic

Mind: A smooth mango dessert vape, perfect for those warm tropical days. Available in 0/3/6nic

Beard No. 32: A delicious cinnamon funnel cake. Sweet and spiced. It will take you right back to the carnival. Available in 0/3/6nic

Brewell Tobacco Series: A smooth natural tobacco flavored e-liquid that will remind you so much of the real thing, you wont miss your cigarettes. Rich and robust tobacco notes with none of the harshness. Menthol also available (see image at top of page). Available in 0/3/6nic

Brewell #72: A new flavor to the Brewell family. They revamped formula #72 to a beautifully frosted lemon layer cake. A treat you wont soon forget. Available in 0/3/6nic

There are many more flavors where these came from. Stop in to both Smokey’s locations to check out our rotating stock of delicious premium e-liquid.

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