Marijuana Officially Legal in D.C.


As of this morning, marijuana is now legal in our states capital. Despite constant threats from congress, the people have spoken, and Washington D.C. has become the latest adopter of what is quickly becoming a nationwide movement.

Robert Capecchi of the Marijuana Policy Project said,”This is a major milestone on the road to ending marijuana prohibition in the United States. If the president can brew and drink beer in the White House, adults should be allowed to grow and consume a less harmful substance in their houses.”

The initiative in D.C. is a huge step in the right direction for the re-legalization movement, making D.C. the first place in the eastern United States to legalize cannabis use. And what better place than the state capital.
Of course, the initiative does come with it’s limitations. Permitting possession of up to 2 ounces for home use, but public consumption and distribution is still illegal. (Though “gifting” an ounce to a friend free of charge is perfectly legal).

As of Midnight legalization has been passes, however, how long legalization will last in D.C. has yet to be seen. Congress is still attempting to reverse this initiative, threatening mayor and other district employees with stiff penalties and even jail time.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said,¬†“We would encourage the Congress to not be so concerned about overturning what seven out of 10 voters said should be the law in the District of Columbia,”

The pope have spoken!
Where do YOU stand on the issue?

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