Make a Bee Line for Smokey’s

Bee Line hemp wick is a must have for some smokers and a novelty for others. Hemp wick is a natural lighter alternative bowls, bongs, incense, lighters and whatever else you might need to light. Particularly useful for hard to reach places like deep bowls, sherlocks, and those candles that have burned their way down to the middle. Others swear by hemp wick for eliminating any butane you might be inhaling from your lighter. Whatever team you’re on, there’s no disputing that hemp wick will certainly get your fire where you need it.

Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick

From Maui, around the world and back to Oahu, Bee Line hemp wick is the worlds first and finest hemp wick company. It’s easy to see why. Just check out their customer testimonials.

Get your Bee Line at both Smokey’s Hawaii locations. Available in the small 9′ pack, as well as 200′ balls of both the original hemp wick and thick wick (nearly twice as thick for a bigger flame and slower burn)

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