Kavaloha at Smokey's

Every Friday and Saturday night at Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee, we host KAVALOHA

Kavaloha is a laid back alternative to your weekend evenings.
Ditch the crowded bar scene and join us at Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee for all you can drink KAVA from 7pm to Midnight every Friday and Saturday night.

Kava is an earthy tasting drink made from an ancient Polynesian root. This drink is known to have relaxing and euphoric effects, as well as offering pain killing and even sedative properties.
Just $12 Gets you all the kava you can drink.

kava retail bags

kava shells Want some kava to prepare at home?

Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee carries micronized kava in 1/4 lb and 1/2 lb sizes, ready to ship.

Micronized kava is produced using a patented dry sift process that takes all the hassle of hand kneading the kava root to extract the kavalactones (the active ingredient in kava giving the beverage its unique relaxing properties). By utilizing this process, you are left with a fine powder containing a high concentration of the kavalactones that is easy to mix in to water, coconut water or your favorite beverage.  No straining or kneading necessary.

Traditionally, kava roots must be hand kneaded for long periods of time, up to 45 minutes to completely extract the active ingredient. If you don’t take the time to thoroughly squeeze the roots, you can leave a lot of the kavalactones in the roots when you throw them out leaving you with a “weak” kava. 

Our micronized kava is available in 1/4 and 1/2lb sizes.
(“berry shake” flavor also available)

1/4lb – $26

1/2lb – $41

*all kava and other items shipped via USPS flat. Shipping and handling will be included in final sale price. Mahalo for your understanding.*

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