Keeping the 'HI' in Hawaii

Cold Brew Coming Soon!

I love a delicious shot of espresso as much as the next person, but during these warm summer months, one of my favorite things to drink is a frosty cup of cold brewed coffee over ice. We will be switching our iced coffee over to our very own cold brewed coffee.
It starts with our locally roasted coffee for maximum freshness and ends with a delicious drink in your cup.

So What Exactly Is Cold Brewed Coffee?

 ‘Cold Brewing’ is a method of making coffee using cold water rather than hot water.
Usually when brewing a cup (or lets be honest, an entire pot) of coffee, your water temperature is usually right around 200 degrees. With the water at this temperature, it extracts all those delicious flavors out of your ground coffee beans in just a couple of minutes. This is why your home coffee pot can brew 12 cups in just 5-10 minutes (depending on your machine of course).

With ‘Cold Brewing’ your water stays at room temperature or colder.

Because the water is so much cooler, it takes over 50x as long to brew. But the end product is SO WORTH THE WAIT!

cold brew coffee

The combination of our fresh roasted coffee (locally roasted bi-weekly here in Kailua) for and a 12 hour cold brew make for a deliciously smooth cup of iced coffee that doesn’t even need cream or sugar.

Stop In And Taste The Difference Today!

Come in today and taste the difference. Ask for a sample of our cold brewed iced coffee and see for yourself what a difference putting a little extra love makes.

1010 University Avenue in Honolulu, Hawaii
(across the street from Curry House, next to Kit N’ Kitchen)


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