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A Proper Wake and Bake

Any time the UPS man walks in with a box, I start to get a little excited. Whether its restocking much needed supplies for the cafe or a fresh order of glass from one of our vendors; The smiling face for the mail man is always a welcomed sight.

Every now and then, the postman brings us something special, and today was one of those days.

I remember years ago, seeing a ceramic coffee mug online with a bowl set into the base of the mug. Even though it looked like a middle-school child made it in a home economics class, there was something pretty cool about the idea. Drink your morning coffee while smoking a bowl of your favorite weed. If that doesn’t say “Wake and Bake”, I don’t know what does. Even though I loved the idea, I never pulled the trigger on buying one for myself. I don’t know if it was the ceramic, or if I just never saw a design I liked enough to pay the unjustified shipping rate to Hawaii. Whatever the case, the coffee mug pipe remained nothing more than a cool idea that exists on the internet… Until Chameleon Glass.

Chameleon Glass took the coffee mug/ pipe combination to a whole new level with a design that embodies the phrase “Functional Glass Art”. Precision crafted on a glass lathe, with a 6-8oz mug up top, and a separate chamber below. Attached to the bottom chamber is a good sized bowl, and the handle for the mug, doubles as the mouthpiece of the pipe.
The glass construction gives it a beautiful look, while the design makes it completely functional. Even without a carb, this pipe packs a punch.

If you enjoy starting your morning with a Wake and Bake combined with a delicious cup of coffee, I think you will be as pleased with this product as I am.

Wake and Bake

Wake and Bake



Get your own Chameleon Glass Coffee Mug from their website and enjoy the perfect Wake & Bake session.

Order YOUR mug at:

And when you are ready to fill it up, don’t forget to stop by Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee for a bag of our delicious “Wake and Bake” coffee blend. Fresh roasted on island every 2 weeks for maximum freshness.
OR, bring in your Chameleon Glass Mug for a free fill-up on me.

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