Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee Menu

    • Coffee

      Smokey's Pipe and Coffee proudly serves "Wake and Bake" in our in-house coffee and espresso drinks. Our very own proprietary coffee blend, roasted locally by Kailua Town Coffee Roasters for maximum quality and freshness every week. Taste the difference that freshness makes.

    • House Blend Coffee


      Smokey's Pipe and Coffee proudly serves our proprietary Wake & Bake coffee blend for our in house coffee and espresso drinks.
      A delicious blend of south american coffees, locally roasted to perfection here on island for maximum flavor and freshness.

      (Wake & Bake Blend also available for sale | 7oz Whole bean or Ground to order)

    • Cold Brewed Iced Coffee


      Nothing quenches your summer thirst like some delicious iced coffee.
      Our "cold-brewed" iced coffee is meticulously crafted to give you the best possible flavor with no bitterness or acidity that you usually get from iced coffee.
      Our cold brew takes 24 hours to prepare, but it's up to you how fast you drink it.

    • Americano


      Rich creamy espresso topped off with hot water for a full bodied coffee with a hint of crema. Available iced or hot.

    • Latte


      Our delicious house espresso and milk.
      Available iced or hot.
      Add a shot of your favorite flavor for $.50

    • Frozen Latte


      Called it a frappe, call it a blended latte, call it a frappuccino. Whatever you call it, its sweet and tasty.
      Available in lots of delicious flavor options. Classics like mocha and caramel frappes, and some delicious unique offerings like our Horchata Frappe and our Matcha Frappe.

      Don't forget the whipped cream!

    • Chai Latte


      A blend of Black Tea, Cinnamon, Spices and Milk make this fragrant spiced drink a fan favorite all year round.
      Available Hot, Iced or Blended into a Frappe.

      Add a shot of espresso for a "Dirty Chai"
      Everything you love about a Chai Latte with an added kick.

    • Espresso


      Can't beat a classic.
      A double shot of our fresh roasted Wake & Bake espresso blend. Hot and brewed to order.

    • Cappuccino


      Espresso, Milk and Foam make up this fluffy warm drink that's sure to satisfy.
      Love the milk foam? Ask for your Cappuccino "Extra Dry".

    • Hemp N Honey


      Smokey's Hemp N Honey Latte is easily the most popular drink on our menu. It's an Iced Latte sweetened with local honey and finished with hemp milk, which is not only delicious, but really good for you. Try it today.

    • Kava

      Kava is a drink made from a local Polynesian plant with unique stress & anxiety relieving properties that promotes a natural feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Relax Hawaiian style with a few shells of Kava. (Every Friday and Saturday Night from 7pm to Midnight we host KAVALOHA, with all you can drink Kava)

    • Kava


      Organic, traditional hand-kneeded kava from Tonga. If you have never tried kava and want a taste of the traditional stuff, this is what you're looking for.

      Not into the natural "earthy" kava flavor? Add one of our delicious flavor options for just $1 (Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Taro, Chai and our new Horchata flavor)

    • Vanuatu Kava


      Smooth and Strong. Vanuatu Kava comes from a small island chain off of Fiji, and offers a "stronger" kava experience for those seeking a little more relaxation.

    • Vanuatu Ali'i Kava


      The kava of Kings. Vanuatu Ali'i kava is made from the lateral root of the kava plant where the active ingredient (kavalactones) are more heavily concentrated. This part is traditionally reserved for the King (or "Ali'i") and is not recommended for kava rookies due to its concentration.

    • Wai'awa


      We mix our "Berry Shake" Vanuatu Kava (Vanuatu Kava flavored with a berry extract and sweetened with stevia) with Waiola Coconut Water for a distinctly hawaii kava experience.

    • Kavaccino


      Mixing a relaxant and  a stimulant together might seem counter intuitive, but because they create a synergistic effect that is one of a kind. Our Kavaccino is an Iced Latte made with "kava milk" for a best-of-both-worlds experience.

    • Specialty Drinks

      In addition to our growing menu of coffee options, Smokey's Pipe and Coffee serves a wide range of specialty drinks, teas and rotating specials. Items like our wildly popular "Hemp & Honey" Latte and Kava Flow will keep you coming back to try more

    • Smokey's Freeze


      A sweet blended drink flavored with Vanilla, Chai, Coconut, Taro or Horchata. Add Kratom or Kava to your Smokey's Freeze for a boost of energy or relaxation.

    • Kava Flow


      Smokey's take on the classic tropical poolside cocktail with a Hawaiian twist. A blended coconut smoothie infused with kava and strawberry syrup. The most delicious way to relax in paradise.

    • Buddha Bliss


      A shot of kratom mixed with honey and cinnamon. Available with your choice of Maeng Da or Bali kratom.

    • Red Bull Infusion


      Red Bull and Flavored Syrup over ice. Available in Strawberry, Raspberry or Mango.
      Try it blended!

    • Fresh Brewed Tea


      Prefer tea over coffee? Smokey's serves Stash premium Tea, fresh brewed hot or iced to order. Flavors include: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Premium Green, Jasmine Blossom, Chai Spice and Wild Raspberry Hibiscus.

    • Munchies and More

      Got the munchies? Smokey's has your back. More than just coffee, we have lots of tasty treats that are sure to hit the spot.

    • Hemp Seed Acai Bowl


      Our #1 menu item. A customer and staff favorite. Our Acai Bowl is made with locally sourced Acai Sorbet and topped with Fresh Fruit, Hemp Seed Granola and Organic Honey. Delicious and packed full of anti oxidants and Omega-3's.

    • Bagel


      Plain, Cheese or Everything bagel with your choice of cream cheese or butter. Extra cream cheese available for $.50

    • Biscotti


      A light crunchy almond cookie dipped in bittersweet chocolate. Perfect companion to any latte.

    • Fresh Baked Brownies


      Made fresh in house, our double chocolate brownies are perfect for any chocolate lover.

    • Kratom Krispies **18+ ONLY**


      Special rice-krispy treats made with Kratom. An all natural pain killer and mood enhancing suppliment. Available in "Bali" and "Maeng Da" strains for a Stimulating boost or euphoric relaxation. NOT FOR CHILDREN | 18+ ONLY

    • Sandwiches

      Breakfast? Lunch? NOW! Sandwiches also available on our bagels.

    • T&P (Turkey and Provolone)


      Sliced Turkey, Melted Provolone Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato on Torta Bread with Pesto Aioli

    • Daily BS (Breakfast Sandwich)

      Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, Swiss American Cheese and Bacon on Torta Bread with Pesto Aioli

    • Veg Out (Veggie Sandwich)

      Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrots and Clover Sprouts on Torta Bread with Pesto Aioli





      Drinks available in 12/16/20 oz sizes. Prices reflect the 12 oz   size.
      Non-Dairy Milk Options: Soy Milk or Hemp Milk ($1)
      Coffee Flavor Options: Vanilla, Sugar Free Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha (chocolate), White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Coconut and Macadamia Nut
    • Gelato Waffles

      Crisp, Fluffy Belgian Style Waffles, topped with a scoop of locally sourced gelato. Available in 5 flavor combinations including:

    • Caramel Macchiato Waffle

      • Kona Coffee Gelato
      • Warm Caramel Sauce
      • Crushed Espresso Beans
      • Whipped Cream
    • Acai Bowl Waffle

      • Acai Sorbet
      • Hemp Seed Granola
      • Fresh Fruit (Bananas and Strawberries)
      • Drizzled With Warm Honey
    • Banana Mac Nut Waffle

      • Macadamia Nut Gelato
      • Hemp Seed Granola
      • Fresh Bananas
      • Whipped Cream
      • Warm Coconut Syrup
    • Mocha Waffle

      • Kona Coffee Gelato
      • Whipped Cream
      • Crushed Espresso Beans
      • Warm Chocolate Sauce
    • Maple Bacon Waffle

      • Maple & Candied Bacon Gelato
      • Crispy Bacon Bits
      • Maple Syrup

    • Smokey's Specials

      We're always trying new things here at Smokey's. Here's a look at some of our Specials

    • Horchata Frappe

      Horchata Frappe


      horchata frappeA blended take on a sweet Mexican classic. A sweet cinnamon frappe with a double shot of our fresh house espresso. Topped with Whipped Cream and Cinnamon.

    • KrunchBerry Kava Smoothie


      Krunch Berry Kava Blended with our Berry Shake Vanuatu Kava, this fruity kava concoction tastes just like your favorite childhood "crunchberry" favorite with a relaxing kava twist.


      * Contains Kava. Caution when operating heavy machinery.

      ** No KrunchBerries were harmed in the making of this drink. (contains no actual "crunchberries")