Where do you go for information?


More often we find ourselves having conversations at the cafe about the abundance of misinformation running rampant in our industry. Whether its about kratom, kava, or cannabis; People have some wacky ideas and positions. A lot of this has to do with the simple fact that there isn’t enough good information out there. Luckily, there is infinitely more information now than ever before. However, it just never seems to be enough. More so, there aren’t a lot of definitive places to seek out quality information. (Or they are quickly drowned out by a sea of poor information and click-bait laden “news” pieces who tend to receive front page placement because of their existing audience).

So where do you go?

If you have no starting point at all, chances are you will go with a good old fashioned google search.

(Unfortunately, the sad matter of the fact is, many people will not even take the time to do this step, and would chose rather to succumb to ignorance and simply rely on someone else to serve them up the information in a golden bowl upon asking. Thus continuing the cycle of misinformation…. but I digress.)

A Google search will turn up pages and pages of search results curated and sorted based on your search term, and many surrounding parameters. Unfortunately however, merit is not one of these parameters the search algorithm takes into account. Usually this results in a lot of noise with little to say, leaving you (the unacquainted) to either sort through it and decipher fact from fiction for yourself or simply click the first result and parrot its content as gospel without fact checking for your own independent confirmation.

There are always a few people out there creating and curating quality information. Industry magazines, youtube vloggers, bloggers and other industry information resources. It’s just hard to tell sometimes just how far that quality information travels outside of our own circles. Sure, there are certain magazines that everyone has “heard” about, even if you don’t work with or even partake in cannabis; But how many of those people will stop to critically evaluate a recent article on the health benefits of CBD and how it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. I’m willing to bet, not as many as we’d hope.

So what do we do?

It’s my personal opinion that it is our duty (call it whatever you’d like) to share good information when we come across it. We need to become our own network of good information and help push it into the light a little further.

I also think we need to actively create quality content.
Given the increased frequency of these conversations about quality information, I feel driven to try to do my part to forward the discussion and provide some insight. I don’t think I (myself) am someone you need to listen to as a source for that quality information. I don’t believe any one person is the definitive source. However, if we all do a little to add to the discussion, we will collect enough data to have something really powerful.

I’m still not real sure what I even think I have to add to the discussion, but silence certainly won’t help. All we can do is our part.

Mahalo for those of you who took the time to read this little rant. Sorry no photos or videos. Just a late night [8] diatribe.

– Aloha

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