Hemp N Honey

Hemp N Honey 4.25 Smokey’s Hemp N Honey Latte is easily the most popular drink on our menu. It’s an Iced Latte sweetened with local honey and finished with hemp milk, which is not only delicious, but really good for you. Try it today.


Cappuccino 3.45 Espresso, Milk and Foam make up this fluffy warm drink that’s sure to satisfy. Love the milk foam? Ask for your Cappuccino “Extra Dry”.


Espresso 2.25 Can’t beat a classic. A double shot of our fresh roasted Wake & Bake espresso blend. Hot and brewed to order.

Chai Latte

Chai Latte 3.65 A blend of Black Tea, Cinnamon, Spices and Milk make this fragrant spiced drink a fan favorite all year round. Available Hot, Iced or Blended into a Frappe. Add a shot of espresso for a “Dirty Chai” Everything you love about a Chai Latte with an added kick.

Frozen Latte

Frozen Latte 4.25 Called it a frappe, call it a blended latte, call it a frappuccino. Whatever you call it, its sweet and tasty. Available in lots of delicious flavor options. Classics like mocha and caramel frappes, and some delicious unique offerings like our Horchata Frappe and our Matcha Frappe. Don’t forget the whipped cream!


Latte 3.45 Our delicious house espresso and milk. Available iced or hot. Add a shot of your favorite flavor for $.50


Americano 2.25 Rich creamy espresso topped off with hot water for a full bodied coffee with a hint of crema. Available iced or hot.

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee 1.95 Nothing quenches your summer thirst like some delicious iced coffee. Our “cold-brewed” iced coffee is meticulously crafted to give you the best possible flavor with no bitterness or acidity that you usually get from iced coffee. Our cold brew takes 24 hours to prepare, but it’s up to you how…

House Blend Coffee

House Blend Coffee 1.95 Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee proudly serves our proprietary Wake & Bake coffee blend for our in house coffee and espresso drinks. A delicious blend of south american coffees, locally roasted to perfection here on island for maximum flavor and freshness. (Wake & Bake Blend also available for sale | 7oz Whole…