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National Coffee Day at Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee


This Saturday, September 29th; Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee is celebrating National Coffee Day with FREE cold-brew.

That’s right. This Tuesday we will be making up a big batch of our deliciously smooth cold-brewed iced coffee and giving it away for FREE!


You Bet!
What better way to celebrate National Coffee Day in Hawaii than with FREE coffee?


Smokey's Hemp N Honey

As always, our doors open bright and early at 8 am, and we will be serving our entire menu. BUT, if you mention “National Coffee Day” we will also be giving away free small cups of our one-of-a-kind cold-brew.

You can’t get this delicious coffee anywhere else.

Our cold-brew starts with a proprietary blend of beans from south america, and is fresh roasted locally for maximum freshness and flavor. When it comes to coffee, like many other things we eat, fresher is better. Here at Smokey’s Pipe and Coffee, there is no coffee in our shop that has been here longer than 2 weeks.
And when it comes to this cold-brew were making for the event… these beans literally came in yesterday!

So what is cold brew?

Cold-brewing is a method of making coffee that takes 12-24 hours to prepare. Using cold water and time to coax the smooth, bold coffee flavors out of the beans while leaving behind the bitterness and acidity usually associated with (bad) iced coffee. The resulting brew is ice cold, naturally sweet and will completely change the way you feel about iced coffee.

National Coffee Day at Smokey's

Celebrate with us this Tuesday, September 29th from 8 am until the well runs dry.
(one per person please, so we can spread the love as much as possible)

While you’re here, have a look around our glass gallery and take advantage of our great deals on glass pipes and accessories.

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