Goboof Alfa


Don’t let the strange brand name or model misspelling fool you, when it comes to portable dry herb vaporizers, the GoBoof Alfa is no slouch.

The secret to the success of the Alfa is the center pin in the heating chamber.
Most dry herb vapes have a simple top-loading cylindrical shaped oven . The walls of the chamber heat up when the unit is turned on, heating your plant material from the outside in. Unfortunately, this can occasionally lead to a less than perfect extraction. The outside of your packed chamber will become brown and vaporized, while the center may still be green. The Alfa combats this issue with a simple yet effective center heating pin. This rod heats from the inside as well for a more even and complete vaporization of your herbs. The Alfa also has an automatic shut-off feature that prevents burning.


The analog dial offers a high level of control with a simple turn of the dial. Easy to use, and no confusion about what setting you have your unit on.
The dial features a standard LO, MID , HIGH temperature setting for comfort and flexibility. There is also an Auto Puff (A/P) setting which slowly increases the temperature which each puff and Auto Time (A/T)  setting that slowly increases the temperature over a 20min period. Both auto settings allow you to start vaping at a lower temperature and finish at a higher temp for maximum efficiency.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite portables. 
We got in a new shipment in time for the holidays.
Treat Yourself.

***Shipping Available*** 

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