Keeping the 'HI' in Hawaii

PAX 2 line-up

The PAX2 is an update on an already fantastic design. Easily the highest sought-after portable vaporizer on the market, and it should be. A sleek exterior paired with high-level functionality make the PAX2 a leader in its class, while its intuitive mouthpiece design and touch control make it easy to use even if it’s your first vaporizer.

20150612074939_IMG_0257 (1)


The new charging dock makes charging a snap. Literally.
A magnetized charging dock holds the vaporizer to the cradle while your PAX juices up. Just drop the PAX2 onto the charging cradle, and the magnet will line up the connections and get your vaporizer charging.
PLUS, the updated charger design now allows you to use your PAX while it charges.
(unlike the previous model where the mouthpiece was also the charging port, making itĀ unusable while charging)


pax 2 cleaning kit

As an added bonus, it comes with a nice little cleaning kit to keep your PAX looking and working great for as long as you own it.

Stop in to either Smokey’s Hawaii locations today for a demo to see what the PAX2 is all about.